Effective deterrent

This is one of the most obvious benefits to a CCTV camera system. Whether you opt for our automated perimeter detection system, 24/7 surveillance or remote monitoring via your smart phone, visible CCTV cameras reduce the risk of a crime before it takes place.

Health and safety monitoring

As well as protecting your premises and equipment, a well designed CCTV system from Pro Storm will help you ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees. If staff are working in remote locations, dealing with members of the public, or working anti-social hours, our high definition CCTV cameras can reduce the risks they face.

Flexible and scalable

As your business needs change and grow, so can your CCTV solution. Our experienced commercial CCTV engineers can advise on options including multi-site premises, 24/7 monitoring, secure remote viewing, wireless solutions, flexible image and video storage choices, and integration with existing systems.

Lease options available

Our flexible lease options are designed to allow you and your business to spread the cost of your initial investment over a term that works for you. So, you can enjoy the benefits of your commercial CCTV system in full, without worrying about paying for everything up front.

Doing business effectively

Commercial insurance providers often provide discounts for installing approved CCTV systems. Similarly, depending on the nature of your business, customers may require you to have resilient security measures in place. Our commercial CCTV solutions are designed to help you reduce costs, and meet customer due diligence requests

Reliable evidence

Insurance claims, internal disciplinary processes, & crime reports, all depend on the availability of reliable evidence. Our commercial CCTV solutions provide high definition stills & videos, enabling you to quickly share information with external agencies and easily resolve internal disputes.

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Farming Image

CCTV for farming surveillance

Theft is always a big issue for the farming community, with buildings often in remote locations, good quality reliable surveillance has always been an issue in with these environments. Wireless transmission technology has become more affordable and ever more reliable In recent times.

This has enabled us to offer our farming customers highly effective systems, at an affordable price. No matter where you are, you have the ability to keep an eye on all your areas of concerns, at all times.

Food Production Image

Food production CCTV

At Pro Storm our highly experienced team specialise in providing a one shop service for all food production surveillance. Our completed projects range from clients such as Bakkavor, 2Sisters and QV Foods. Our ultra high definition cameras gives our customers the peace of mind that all areas production are covered and nothing gets missed.

Our team of engineers are trained to highest level for working within High and low care food production environments.

Retail CCTV

Retail CCTV

Retail premises are particularly susceptible to anti social behaviour and petty theft. The Crime Report 2020 (produced by the Association of Convenience Stores) shows that in the last year, there were over 1.1 million thefts, and 83% of people who work in the convenience sector have been subjected to verbal abuse.

Our high definition CCTV systems are designed specifically to provide crystal clear images to help you identify offenders and gather evidence.

CCTV School Building

CCTV for the education sector

In addition to keeping your staff and premises secure, CCTV brings great benefits in protecting children and young adults within an educational setting. Appropriately placed CCTV cameras can monitor footfall, prevent bullying, deter anti-social behaviour, and identify unauthorised individuals within the educational environment.

We recognise that data privacy and safeguarding concerns are even more important when it comes to designing and installing CCTV systems within schools and other educational facilities. All our staff are DBS checked, and as you’d expect, we’re all fully trained in the GDPR and Data Protection implications of a CCTV installation.

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